Did you know?

  • Google receives billions of searches a day
  • The top 3 search results receive over 60% of that traffic
  • People who search for your product are more likely to buy it than people who find your site by other means

Kitchener SEO

Search Engine Optimization refers to the practice of obtaining high organic rankings in the search engines.

Many web development companies will offer you "SEO" services which consist of nothing more than submitting your site to the search engines and various directories. All-in-all the service these companies provide is worthless, as directories offer little-to-no traffic and search engines will find, index and rank your site automatically.

We offer a full range of services guaranteed to improve your rankings in the search engines and increase the traffic to your website. Unlike other companies we offer no false claims and don't waste your money on worthless tasks.

Our SEO Services:

  • Geotargetting Domain and Host (on new domains and hosts only)
  • Site structure
  • Page structure
  • Page titles and META information
  • Content optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Market research
  • Link building
  • Traffic reports and recommendations
  • Reputation Management

If you'd like to find out more, you can request a quote.